About Healing Ground Therapy

My name is Lily Veksler and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been in the mental health field since 2004 and have extensive experience working with different populations, from children as young as five to the elderly. In my work I have used various treatment approaches and worked with different modalities, including group, individual, and family work. I specialize in trauma treatment and sex offense specific therapy.

In my work I have been noticing more and more just how much people either discount what their body is telling them, or don’t know how to listen to their body. Many people come to therapy to address psychological issues or social deficits and go to their doctor when they have somatic complaints. What they often fail to recognize is that their aches, pains, and heart palpitations are caused by the same life stresses and can be addressed by a combination of traditional and alternative therapies. The issues that lead people to seek treatment, the symptoms addressed, and the various treatment approaches utilized will be discussed in this blog.



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